Every Shabbat (Saturday):

Children Sabbath School: 10:00 am
Fellowship & Breakfast: 10:00 am
Service: 11:00 am

Bible Study Tuesday evening: 6:00-7:00 pm (cancelled until further notice)

20 July 2024
Repeat Every 1 Week(s) on : Saturday
Sabbath School for the kids starts at 10 am For
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Welcome to Ahm Yisrael Messianic Synagogue

Ahm Yisrael Messianic Synagogue (AYMS) is a Bible believing & Torah observant community in Yeshua (Jesus). It is our calling to teach and live the entirety of Elohim’s (G-d’s) Word; which consists of both the Tanakh (old) and the Renewed (new) Covenants, cover to cover, to both Jews and non-Jews. Teaching “the restoration of all things”; …”until the time of restoration of all things, of which Elohim spoke through the mouth of all His holy prophets from ancient time.” Act 3:21

Join us as we:

  1. Develop a greater understanding of Scripture
  2. Celebrate the Feasts that G-d commanded and Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated
  3. Learn how the end was foretold from the beginning
  4. Attend Service every Shabbat (Saturday)
  5. Attend Bible Study every Tuesday
  6. Fellowship in the Men’s Ministry
  7. Fellowship in the Women’s Ministry
  8. Enjoy the Nursery Ministry
  9. Seek Various Community Outreach opportunities

ahm yisrael messianic synagogue